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first direct says hello to Pay by Siri

16 Mar 2018

first direct customers can now pay anyone using just the power of their voice

first direct has enabled Pay by Siri*, allowing customers to make payments on their iPhone with a simple voice command such as "Hey Siri, Pay [Priya] £15 with first direct .”

first direct customers can now pay existing payees or mobile contacts via Paym** without having to open their banking app or put in any passwords. The money goes via Paym on its faster payment rails – so it’s gone and received in virtually real time (subject to fraud checks).

People simply ask Siri to make a payment, and then – for an extra layer of security –authenticate it using Apple’s Touch ID or Face ID recognition. It’s the fastest way of making a secure payment.

first direct is one of the first major banks to adopt Pay by Siri for the mass market, but has long led the way on secure banking biometrics, having pioneered Voice ID and Touch ID, and enabling customers to use Face ID to log into its app on the day the iPhone X launched.

Joe Gordon, Head of first direct , said: “first direct is the original challenger bank and we’ve been a positive disruptive force for 28 years. We keep pushing the boundaries for the benefit of our customers and our goal is always to make banking as easy and as human as possible.”

What is Pay by Siri?

Payments by Siri uses the same secure system as those completed through Paym, but lets you initiate using voice commands.

The same daily payment limit of £350 with Paym also applies. first direct customers can register for Paym within its 5* rated app. 


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