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first direct launches free mobile app

15 Dec 2014

Thursday 11 December 2014

first direct has launched a free mobile savings app, ‘Saveapp’, to help consumers resist the temptations of small everyday spends and Saveapp towards their bigger savings goals.

Free-to-download from the App Store from today, first direct ’s Saveapp works by understanding the user’s spending patterns and personal savings goal - such as a holiday, car, gadget or rainy day fund.

The iOS app works by using location settings and specified days and times to notify users of their savings goal at the places and times they are most likely to splash out. 

Key features of Saveapp:

  • The app allows users to first input their savings goal by selecting from a list of popular goals or creating a unique entry, along with the amount they are aiming to save and time frame they are saving in.
  • The user can personalise their unique goal with an inspirational image.
  • The app then asks users to specify the small everyday things they are likely to spend money on and the average amount they spend each time - such as £3 on a morning coffee, £20 eating out for lunch, or £40 on shopping.
  • Key days, times and locations can be set-up when the user is most tempted to spend on these items; when and where they would like prompting of their goal.
  • Saveapp then sends notification reminders on the specified dates, times and locations asking if they want to ‘save’ or ‘spend’ against their goal.
  • Each ‘save’ or ‘spend’ action is tracked against the savings goal with progress shown in an easy-to-view savings barometer.
  • Savings goals and spending reminders can be added or amended at any time.

Zoe Shore, Head of Marketing at first direct , said: “We know how difficult it is to resist the everyday spending temptations whilst saving for something big.  So we wanted to create a useful app to help everyone – not just first direct customers – to save more effectively towards their bigger goals.

“Hopefully the personal reminders and prompts that Saveapp provides will help to keep a holiday, car or weekend away front-of-mind at the most tempting places and times throughout the day.”

first direct ’s Saveapp is available to download on iPhone devices from the app store now.


For any media enquiries please contact on 0113 276 6700 or on 0113 276 6700.

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