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On your bike son!

23 Apr 2010

CFO, Colin Storrar helps first direct to promote Earth Day 

To support national Earth Day first direct 's CFO, Colin Storrar road his bike to work and collected his free meal voucher for their on-site restaurant.

The United Nations celebrates Earth Day each year on 22 April, in several countries around the world. The day is designed to inspire awareness and appreciation for the Earth's environment and this year it celebrated it's 40th anniversary.

To mark the day, first direct rewarded those people who travelled to work, either by foot or by bicycle with a free meal voucher for their on-site restaurant.  It was seen as a great opportunity to encourage people to take advantage of the nice spring weather and bike or walk their short commute to work. 

Colin said:

"I love riding my bike and thought this was a great opportunity to support a really worthy cause and get a free lunch! 

"first direct is always environmentally conscious, I think it's great that we've taken the initiative to promote Earth Day and given our people an incentive to join in."

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